HerStory Oregon

HerStory Oregon shares the stories of women who are currently or were formerly incarcerated in Oregon. 

Women impacted by the criminal justice system have needs, hopes, fears, and goals that come together in their stories. With their consent, we share their reality with the world outside their cells. 

Our lives are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and the world about who we are. Story is how we find meaning in our traumas and tragedies. It is through story that we discover our own truth and come to appreciate the comedy and the drama of our experiences.

In addition to sharing stories, qualitative and quantitative data collection will enable us to track information on trends affecting women who are intersecting with our criminal justice system. These data will help identify needed improvements to policy, practice or law. To achieve reform, we will engage with system actors as well as those most directly affected by incarceration and its consequences.

We intend to deepen and broaden the conversation about whom we are incarcerating and why.

HerStory Oregon is an initiative of the Oregon Justice Resource Center's Women's Justice Project.

Julia Yoshimoto, Attorney and Project Director