HerStory Oregon

Payton's Story

Payton describes how prison re-traumatized her, triggered memories of an abusive behavioral modification program that she survived as a teenager, and crushed her soul. Her experiences in prison and the lack of trust and resentment that prison fostered in her has made life back in the community a struggle. She believes that there is not enough education for young people about how the criminal system functions and the grave consequences that can result from seemingly small actions.

HerStory Oregon: Starting a wider conversation about the women we incarcerate in Oregon

Our Women's Justice Project Director, Julia Yoshimoto, and our Director of Communication, Alice Lundell, spoke to host Doug McVay for Prison Pipeline on KBOO. We explained how our HerStory Oregon project works, what we've learned so far, and what's coming next. We also shared some extracts from video interviews with women who have been incarcerated in Oregon.

To listen to the show at KBOO's website, click here. This program was hosted by Doug McVay and produced by KBOO.